How to choose the best health insurance policy

What Health Insurance Buy- There are many types of health insurance, which are very important to know about. Information regarding the types of health insurance is to help you get health insurance. Health insurance is an effective way to save the financial capital spent on treatment. Taking health insurance is considered an important decision. In such a situation, it is very important for you to have health insurance. Types of health insurance in every case Different in the present times, the continuous increase in health problems makes health insurance as a necessity.

Correct information about types of health insurance

Having the right information about the type of health insurance does not guarantee you the right health. Health insurance reduces the unwanted financial health burden. Many times you suddenly get into an accident or someone happens to you, in this you have to health. There are many types of health insurance. In India, the central government provides various types of health insurance to the people. At the same time, private companies also provide you health. Today we will discuss about the types of health in this article.

There are such types of health in India, which are as follows:

  • indemnity plans
  • Defined-benefit plan
  • Indemnity Health Insurance

Indemnity plans are traditional insurance that covers your hospitalization to some extent. This includes the following plans:

  • mediclaim insurance
  • individual coverage
  • Family Floater Coverage
  • Senior Citizen Coverage (for senior citizens)
  • Unit Linked Health Insurance Plans

Types of Health Insurance

1. Mediclaim Insurance

Mediclaim insurance is borne by you for due to accident until the time you are admitted due toillness . Nursing charges, surgery expenses, doctor’s fees, oxygen, anesthesia expenses are included in this medical insurance type . This type of insurance is also known as medi claim. It is available in the market under the name of Group Mediclaim.

2. Personal Insurance

Types of Insurance Personal insurance is a cover to an individual. Under this type of insurance, the cost of your stay is covered till the time you are admitted. Under this policy, a person is able to claim the specified sum assured. Only one health insurance is done under personal insurance. For example, you have taken one lakh personal insurance, in which your wife is also included, you are claiming 1 lakh each.

3. Family Floater Plan

In this type of insurance, the whole is covered through health insurance. You can get health insurance for the family under the family floater plan. Its fixed amount is divided equally by the whole family. Lower premiums have to be paid on family floater plans for individual health insurance and medi claim policies. The type of this health insurance is what makes it special.

4. Unit Linked Health Insurance Plans

In health insurance, you get one plan plan protection benefits and in Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). The big plus of Unit Linked Insurance is that it offers a much better life than traditional wealth tools . In this type of health insurance, the money gets accumulated at the same time. In this health insurance type, a portion of the premium is invested in stock and you get insurance coverage with an offer. However, what return on the money invested in the stock market does it make on the movement of the stock.

In Unit Linked Health Plan plan, in case of death of the holder of this term, the sum assured is paid to his/her nominee. In addition, there is also the maturity of Linked Health Health (ULIP) if the policy holder survives during this period. This amount is generated from investment in equity or equity of ULIPs.

5. Group Mediclaim

Group mediclaim plans of small and medium-sized companies are becoming very popular. Group mediclaim plans are given to the employees by an employer. Through this type of health insurance, the employer has added the company to his employee. In Group Mediclaim, both the employee and the company owner are the holders. Companies are exempted from tax from Group Mediclaim Health Insurance to employees.

The most important thing is that health has become enough in today’s era, due to which they stay more towards the company to give health. Group health insurance provides better coverage at a lower cost than individual health insurance.

Some other benefits of Group Mediclaim

On the first day of taking group mediclaim, the pre-existing diseases are covered in this as compared to other plans. In such a situation, after taking a policy regarding these diseases, you have to wait for the period for it to be formed.

In this type of health insurance, several diseases are covered along with the existing diseases. The biggest advantage among young employees is to get maternity cover. Caesarean and normal delivery are covered for women under this plan. Under this, some plans also offer health insurance to newborns, which is without a norm of 90 days.

defined benefit plans

In defined benefit plans, you are given a lump sum amount on diagnosis of illness. The following things are covered under this plan:

  • Critical Illness Plan
  • Personal Accident Plan
  • Hospitalization cash benefit plan

Critical Illness Plan

Critical Illness Plan (for critical illness) has been prepared for the treatment of certain diseases. In such a situation, it has become necessary to protect you against these diseases. It is difficult for middle class families to get treatment for this diseases. In such a situation, it is very important to have the right information about the type of health insurance. In this type of health insurance type, you can reduce the huge amount spent on diseases. Under this, a pre-determined one goes for your treatment when the disease is diagnosed. This does not include hospitalization and subsequent expenses. The following diseases are included in this type of health insurance:

hospital daily cash

Under this plan, you get a built in cover under health insurance coverage. Under this policy, the policy holder is given a daily allowance up to a certain limit, which is separate from his/her hospitalization expenses.

personal accident insurance

In this type of health insurance, the medical cost is paid to you. Along with this, you are given compensation if you become disabled or die in an accident.

Accidental death: In case of death , fixed payment is made to his heir. In this situation the family of the deceased becomes financially secure.

In case of Disability: In this type of health insurance, you are paid a fixed amount if there is a permanent damage to any part of your body in an accident, for which treatment is not possible.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

In this type of health insurance also, the financial facilities of other people go to the person. Although this type of health insurance does go through some strict medical checkups. In this, the holder gets a higher premium. The most important thing is that there is a long waiting period for diseases to be covered under this plan. There are many factors which are not covered by this policy. Most of the parents should take a senior health plan before reaching their old age, so that they do not have to face any problem.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme (BBY)

The present central government is giving a health insurance in the name of Ayushman Bharat Yojana (ABY). In this type of health insurance, poor people get health insurance of Rs 5 lakh. Senior citizens , women and children have been specially included in the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Under this scheme, any person holding insurance can get cashless / paperless treatment under Ayushman Bharat scheme in government hospital and empaneled hospital. Under this scheme, people who have a kutcha house in rural areas of the country, a woman head of the family, a person with disability in the family, belonging to a scheduled caste / tribe or a landless or daily wage laborer, then they are eligible for this scheme.

  • Under Ayushman Bharat Yojana (ABY), health insurance of up to Rs 5 lakh per family is available every year.
  • Chronic diseases are also covered in Ayushman Bharat scheme.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses are also being covered in case of any illness
  • This health insurance also covers the cost of transportation.
  • In case of any illness, all medical examinations/operations/treatments etc. are covered under Ayushman Bharat scheme.

In the end, we would say that it is very important to know about the type of health insurance. This helps you to choose a better health insurance plan. Hello Health does not recommend any health insurance plan. Take any type of health insurance plan only after knowing the terms and conditions of the company.

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